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galaxymagicbox requests information from users to register or use some features of the website in order to provide safe and secure services to users. Information such as first and last name is required for registration
Galaxymagicbox also obtains the following information anonymously from the user by installing or using the application with the permission of the user. This information is collected as necessary and appropriate for purposes such as studying the cause of error reporting and improving system bugs and user experience when using the website and application, and is used in a way that identifies directly with a real person and They are not related
- Device type, language and type of operating system of your device, Android ID and Android advertising ID for your device, duration and intervals of your use of galaxymagicbox, installed programs, technical information and server reports including network type and browser type and version
This information is used only by galaxymagicbox and is not shared with any other business partner. Also, at the user's request, the previous information is deleted and this information is not collected after that
In case of crashes, the following information is collected to study the cause of the crashes and fix the error
- Whether the device is rooted or not, the amount of total RAM and the amount of full space during interruptions, day and hour of events, wireless network on or off, data network on or off, roaming status on or off
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